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Building better futures with and for girls

with World Vision & Dissident
World Vision, Dissident
impact area
Uplifting Vulnerable Groups
The future we imagined
Children can prosper where their physical, mental, and emotional well-being are prioritized. Dapat, World Vision Philippines, and Dissident held a shared ambition—to give young girls a chance to thrive today, so they have better opportunities to strive tomorrow.

We worked towards this dream through the Sponsor 1000 Girls local campaign which makes education, protection, and health accessible for every girl sponsored.
How we designed it
Women share experiences and understand each other in a way no one else can. While they have different journeys, all play a part in building equitable futures for girls.

This philosophy underlies our primary visual material: a patchwork of bold colors and dynamic figures. What this means to say is girls are not statistics nor one-dimensional characters, but humans with futures ahead of them. Stitched together, these elements evoke a sense of pride and strength.

The patchwork motif of the hashtag repeats the idea of interconnectedness, especially when connected with the key phrase, #GirlsCan. We wanted to put forward the idea that this better world for all women is possible, but it is not a burden to be shouldered by any individual or group.

Only through consistent effort—piece by piece, journey by journey—can we connect ourselves to this larger story of women's empowerment.

Learn more about World Vision Philippines through their website.