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Communicating the blueprint for responsive HR for Health

with the Department of Health and AIHO
Product Design
Department of Health, AIHO
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Universalizing Holistic & Equitable Healthcare
The future we imagined
Every ambition needs a roadmap to make it happen.

The Department of Health created the National Human Resources for Health Master Plan (NHRHMP) with one vision in mind—give Filipinos access to responsive health services by 2040.

To help implement the NHRHMP, we teamed up with the Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes to design a communication plan. Through this, we can get LGUs all over the country on board and aligned to make quality healthcare a reality.
How we designed it
Our research on the ground showed that LGUs wanted to help. The problem was they didn't know enough about the NHRHMP to take action and localize.

To solve for this, we designed the communication plan to address these gaps in awareness, clarity, and buy-in. We also validated the communication plan with DOH to ensure it would be feasible and effective to carry out by their team.

Communication products recommended were a blueprint toolkit, an interactive PDF, community-building platforms, and a national forum. We also outlined dissemination and localization strategies for each, ensuring no effort is wasted.

Learn more about our partner AIHO through their website and facebook.