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The future we imagined
Alternative started with this seed of an idea: though Filipino local brands have already successfully identified and worked towards their marketing and promotion goals, there might still be ways to further increase their reach and impact.

Alternative, in its current form, was a product of that hypothesis. It is an e-commerce site that features local enterprises that can be categorized under what we believe is the ideal standard: high quality, impactful, and Filipino. These brands with their products, Hi-Fi as we called them, captured what we believe to be exemplary models of local ingenuity.
How we designed it
The most crucial aspect of this endeavor was establishing genuine partnerships with the local brands. We met with their founders and their teams, and their different backgrounds and experiences led us to explore different collaborative relationships with each of them. For some brands, for example, we co-developed products that we both thought would be a good synergy of expertise.

We curated six kits filled with products from different Hi-Fi brands. Each kit is hand-picked with our recommended products that would suit the different lifestyles of our customers. From travellers to young professionals, we've got a kit for everyone.

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