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Early financial literacy for early returns

with Sunlife Foundation
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Sunlife Foundation
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Democratizing Quality Education
Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
The future we imagined
The earlier we learn about financial literacy, the earlier we can begin to practice sustainable money choices. With Sun Life Foundation, we sought a way to hold conducive and engaging conversations on financial literacy in the classroom.
How we designed it
We designed a role-playing game where elementary school students can practice budgeting and saving with the facilitation of their teacher. The kit—which features diverse characters and playful illustrations—includes paper wallets, play money, journals, game cards, and a storybook that explains basic financial concepts.

Personal finances tend to be an uncomfortable topic at a later age. By bringing fun into the mix, our hope is children can have more positive experiences with managing money in the future.

Learn more about SunLife Foundation through their website.