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Inspiring volunteerism in agriculture by taking root

with Move to Change Foundation
Move to Change Foundation
impact area
Protecting & Sustaining the Environment
The future we imagined
We see a future where youth moves for Philippine agriculture.

More than volunteering, our aspiration is to ground them with a holistic understanding of sustainable agriculture and food security. Through the accessible resources of Move to Change Foundation, we can start to gain first-hand experiences that root us in our lands.
How we designed it
We coined the campaign name “Taking Root”, after learning that volunteers’ knowledge of agriculture barely scratched the surface.

Drawing inspiration from the growth cycles of plants, we directed creative elements to be grounded but still sprout upwards. Our campaign materials use root-like tendrils of decorative text, fun agricultural elements, and a refreshing blend of purple and green hues. From static posters and dynamic reels, we designed content to resonate with our young audience and inspire deeper interactions with agricultural practice.

Learn more about the campaign through itsinstagram.