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Rallying our national memory through education

with Martial Law Museum
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Ateneo de Manila University
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Democratizing Quality Education
The future we imagined
Our conversations with local educators encouraged us to work toward a Philippines where human rights, democracy, and freedom are taught and upheld. With Ateneo de Manila University, we sought to engage citizens through the Martial Law Museum—where the thought-provoking national memory of the era is documented and remembered.
How we designed it
Instead of designing for the general public, we honed in on giving teachers, students, and researchers access to articles, archival materials, teaching modules, and community engagement programs. The intention here is to encourage critical thinking, with a focus on democracy and human rights.

Launched in September 2017, the website gained a total of 42,000 sessions with 34,000 unique users in four months. We later launched The Martial Law Museum and Library, keeping our national memory of this era alive.

Visit Martial Law Museum's main website and library.