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Redefining the sexual healthcare shopping experience

with Dima
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Universalizing Holistic & Equitable Healthcare
The future we imagined
With Dima, we dared to design for a Philippines where sexual healthcare is no longer taboo. In this future, Filipinos can take charge of their sexual health in an informed and confident way.

Dima sought a rebrand to solidify what it stands for: sexual healthcare that is free from stigma, affordable, and accessible to all.
How we designed it
Dima's rebrand is a vibrant, joyful celebration of the human body—in all its shapes and sizes. This trickled down to design elements, from chunky types to iconography inspired by sexual health products. Bright, energetic graphics and bold illustrations were also used to incite vitality.

All in all, Dima's new look encourages Filipinos to feel confident and secure in their own bodies.

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