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Visualizing a nation of readers

with MYReaders
Web Design
Robert Bosch Foundation, Ashoka
impact area
Democratizing Quality Education
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The future we imagined
It takes constant partnerships and community-building efforts to realize the grand vision of nationwide literacy. MYReaders had a goal of literacy for all—a difficult feat considering that half of 15-year-old Malaysians were unable to read, especially in English.

In a heartwarming feat, teachers, volunteers, and students participated in their literacy sessions, mentoring the youth one-on-one to read one word, phrase, and sentence at a time.
How we designed it
For an entire week, we shadowed Alex and Sue Yen of MYReaders to immerse in their operations. We came out of the experience with a clear understanding of what they wanted to achieve—literacy though mentorship and volountourism—and sought to communicate it effectively with a complete rebrand.

We aligned MYReader’s brand strategy to two goals: to equip and to celebrate their mission and mentors. Building on that, we designed a logo inspired by the way mentors and mentees read together. We intended to translate into visuals the reliable expertise we saw in the team, so that investors, teachers, and volunteers would feel secure and supported throughout their partnership. This brand strategy informed the rest of our design choices, from business cards and t-shirts to social media graphics and presentation decks.

Learn more about MYReaders through their website and instagram.